August 29, 2008

Never again

Do I want a job that requires me to pack a huge feedbag to get me through the day... 
Lunch boxes are really just not cool after third grade.  They're probably not even cool then.  

You'll notice that this particular lunch box happens to be ginormous.  That is because when Mama so kindly went out in search of a nerdy lunch box for me to cart my piles of snacks to work, she proudly returned with an EXPANDABLE lunch box.  Yes, this is the lunch box at its hugest.  And it often needed to be expanded to this gigantic size to fit my food.  

Because I eat.  A lot.

1 comment:

Stacey Snacks said...

Hi Miss Stalker.

Is this the whining and dining blog?
oops, I was looking for that, and found you instead!
Happy you are unemployed again, so we can play a little bit!
Maybe EAT and BLOG together!

Love, Aunt Sta