August 29, 2008

This could be a problem

As I have pointed out numerous times (and what many of my nearest and dearest get to hear about day after day after day to the point that they probably want to stab themselves in the eye with a fork) I am in the midst of a job search.

A never-ending job search.
A job search that continually leads me to determine that, perhaps, I am simply not meant to work.

Every job posting I come across, every career path I consider, sounds like it could be fun… for about one day. Any longer than that, not so much.

I am cursed with office-claustrophobia – i.e. freak out when confined to a desk for long periods of time with a numb rump, computer-glazed eyes and unfortunate fluorescent lighting. You see how this really narrows down my options.

That said, today marks the conclusion of my eight week summer institute program developing materials for standardized tests. So, as of five p.m., I will once again be unemployed.

The disturbing part?

When I woke up this morning, I was giddy.
Because I will be unemployed again.

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