August 25, 2008

This is not normal

This is what happens when I visit the dangerous bug-ridden swamp lands - aka my boyfriend's suburban home in Northern NJ, 20 minutes outside of Manhattan.  

For whatever reason, the bugs in his town seem to enjoy feasting on fresh Central Jersey flesh.  Even at ELEVEN A.M.  What kind of bugs do this at 11 a.m.?  On a Sunday.  Isn't Sunday a day of rest?  Doesn't that include these monsters?

And I have been getting more and more obscene reactions to bug bites all summer....  Honestly, this isn't even that bad, compared to some prior specimens.

Pity me.


Stacey Snacks said...

Since when is Belleville in the swamplands??? You had better get your home state geography right!
That is a nasty bite! ouch!
You have my pity, as requested!
Love, Aunt Sta

Anonymous said...

it will get worse

try vinegar

try baking soda paste

try staying out the swamps