September 17, 2008

Day O' Fun

Today Mama and I took a trip to Pier Village in Long Branch, NJ, a new mini-town of cute apartments, shops and lots of tasty restaurants right on the beach.  It was an unbelievably perfect fall day - just warm enough in the sun, but cool and breezy and just right.  

The view from our table at Avenue

Looking towards Pier Village

Mama's tasty TBLT (turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato)

My steak sandwich and AMAZING fries

Pier Village

In other news:
  • I fell in love with about 65% of the inventory of a store in Pier Village called The Bee - a upscale boutique with gorgeous designer clothes and an unfortunate teeny bopper-esque logo.  Mama had to practically drag me out of the store clutching hangers of a French Connection blouse, black wool cape, and skirt, a Vince sweater, and pretty much every Tibi item within reach.
  • I reconfirmed that whatever my future career might hold, it must hold appropriate funds and occasions to wear aforementioned designer goods.
  • I tried on an $87,000 diamond ring in Red Bank.
  • I was peeved to find that neither Pier Village nor Red Bank seem to offer much in the way of ice cream parlors, leading to far too many hours of onion breath and intense sweet cravings.


Stacey Snacks said...

You should've asked me.
You missed the Italian gelato place on the corner, in that little circle area!
We are going down today to say goodbye to summer vacation.

It's a great place. Glad you enjoyed, and hope you get that 87k ring! ha!
PS Avenue has the best pommes frites!!!!
Aunt Sta

JENNY said...