September 21, 2008

Farewell to Yankee Stadium

I am not a huge fan of baseball.  Americas pastime, blah blah blah.  To be completely honest, I think it's pretty boring.  I've been sucked in slightly over the past seasons against my will, only because I cannot complete with the Yankee crazies that surround me.  I'm outnumbered.  Papa, Mama, bf, sister's bf.  I have no choice but to surrender.

That said, despite my meager fandom, watching the pre-game ceremony on TV tonight even I was feeling influenced by the historical impact of closing the stadium.  

And really, I was getting kind of angered.  Then I became incensed.  Watching the footage of great plays and great players, switching from fuzzy black and white to color, makes you realize just how long this stadium has been around.  All the great players that have gone before.  The influence of the sport.

Why can't we appreciate history!?  
Why do we need everything to be new new new?  
Newer does not always equal better.  

The sports gods should've saved their money, given a raise to the "CRACKKAAAA JACKSSSS" concession dude and called it a day.

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Linda said...

I couldn't have said it better myself!!!