September 2, 2008

The Return of the Rut

And I'm not at all sarcastic.

That said, I was trés excited to go to the first Rutgers game yesterday (I think it was the college football that finally did it, that really sucked me in - those games are 100 times more exciting than watching a bunch of NFL millionaires crash around a field).  It was a perfect, cloudless day, and the stadium was packed.  Unfortunately, the delightful weather conditions were not enough to inspire the team to actually run the ball into the end zone more than once.  Tragic.  The team really should have upped their game for the BTOD.  

Also of note at yesterday's game, was the return of our favorite fan, known fondly as "Rut."  This large, burly delight is an example of Jersey's finest, and J and I spent all of last year crying inside as he screamed out all kinds of pointless, random chants for the duration of the game.  

We thought we were safe yesterday, because the game started and Rut was nowhere to be seen.  But of course, he showed up late, plowed his way through a row of helpless onlookers, and officially regained his Throne of Annoyance when he turned to his neighbor saying: "Hi, I remember you, LET'S GO RUT!" 

Here is a sampling of just a few of his proudest moments:

(Please remember to take into account that all of these delightful comments are screamed in an unbelievably loud and grating voice, just a few inches from my ear)
  • "We like Rice because he is nice and good!"
  • "Teel, stop throwing meatballs!"
  • ...and of course, his famous tagline and crowd (un)favorite, "LET'S GO RUT!"  
I am truly sorry that I can't remember more of these verbal gems, because there really is an unending stream of them from the moment he perches his pudgy little feet on the back of my seat until he finally lumbers off to torture others with his eloquent monologues.  Don't worry, I'll pay closer attention at the next game - I know you'll be waiting with baited breath.

A very enthusiastic student section

Bidding adieu to the treetop views before the stadium construction is completed

A packed stadium

The best time of the year + The best time of day 

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