September 28, 2008

Weekend Tidbits


I can't get enough of these beautiful sunsets lately.  

(This was actually taken on Wednesday, 9/28 when it was still feeling cool and fally and not humid and rainy and gross, but whatever.)


Whenever I eat a "real" lunch (as in, not oatmeal or yogurt or little mini snacking exploits that take place throughout the day) I never feel like eating a "real" dinner.  Who knows why.  I have come to accept my culinary oddities.  

Yesterday I had a (HUGE) turkey sub in the spirit of RU tailgating and was subsequently turned off by the thought of any kind of traditional dinner food, which actually really ticked me off because J and I were planning on going out to dinner but I was disgusted by the prospect of consuming pasta or salad or pizza or anything containing sodium.

The solution?

Gloriously fluffy pancakes and a bananapearstrawberry fruit salad.  

Here you see my breakfast-for-dinner sitting happily (and yet disgustingly) among the hot dogs and fries that J and my parents chose to consume.

PS. The beer was NOT mine.  I only tolerate beer when already tipsy.  And certainly not with pancakes.  SOME people (ahem, Papa and J) thought it would be funny to pile Yuenglings in front of my pancake plate to make me look even more disturbed than is already evident.  


RUTGERS!  You did it!  You finally won a game!  You didn't even let the other team score!  Good job!

We will overlook the fact that the team you beat was Morgan State (which I have never in my life heard of, and had to look up just now in order to determine that it is located in Baltimore City, MD).  We will also ignore the fact that this renowned Baltimore City institution apparently finds the "Golden Bears" to be an intimidating and powerful mascot.  

Sarcasm aside, I am grateful for this 38-0 domination.  If the Scarlet Knights didn't win yesterday, I really don't know what I would have done.  Especially against a team that I have never heard of.  Especially against a team where I've never heard of half of their scheduled opponents.  

Teel, good job of putting your precious being in harms way for a few moments to get us a first down.  See?  You survived.  Running is a-okay.  Try it again sometime.  

Brooks, way to come out of the woodworks and score 3 touchdowns.  That's what I like to see.

Britt and Davis, I don't know what you did, but you better not do it again.  Get back in the freaking game!

Jabu Lovelace, I'm really sorry you broke your leg.  I hope you feel better soon!

Paul-Etienne, I really like your name too.  You and Jabu.  And you're a wily little thing.  Quick on those lanky limbs of yours.  I'm glad they actually let you pass the ball, unlike poor Jabu.  And don't worry about that interception - bad luck, happens to everyone (Teel of all people can attest to that).  Practice makes perfect!

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