October 15, 2008

Bad Bad Bad

After another bout of orgasmic breadsticks at Papa Razzi at Short Hills Mall, I made the mistake of "stopping in" at J.Crew.  This never works.  And Mama knows better than to let me "stop in" anywhere.  But I think that she was still in a brownie-sundae-induced daze because she let me wander right on in and start swooning at the beautiful beautiful clothes.  She even let me try things on.  This is a major no-no.  

At first I was a tad bit concerned because I was wandering around going "Oh my goodness this is new!  And so is this!  How have I not seen this before!?"  And was generally feeling lousy that I have been so horribly remiss in my stalking of the J. Crew Web site.  Fortunately, a lovely salesgirl assured me that they had just put all of these beautiful beautiful clothes out last night, and the catalog hasn't even been sent out yet, and it's not even in the store yet, and it's not even on the Web site yet.  Phew.

And so that is how I fell deeply madly in love with a darling little camel wool coat.

(Which really is less camel than oatmeal, and given the fact that we are thisclose to a Depression and my sister told me that her and her friends have been sitting around the dorm wondering if we're going to have to "live in a shack and eat porridge," it shall henceforth be known as The Porridge Coat ... fitting because I will only be able to afford porridge after I purchase it.)

1 comment:

Stacey Snacks said...

Once again, you go to the mall, the 2 of you, don't call me to join you or stop by my house.
This is just wrong.
I am not happy about all these breadsticks without me!