October 5, 2008

Morphoses / The Wheeldon Company, or In Awe of Drew Jacoby

On Friday, my friend B and I went to NYC for dinner and the ballet - aka The Perfect Night.

We had dinner at Etcetera Etcetera, because it was a) right in midtown close to City Center, and b) we had really enjoyed dinner at their sister restaurant, Vice Versa, last year.  It's a cute little place, although I'm not the hugest fan of their diner-esque colored plastic chairs.  Dinner was good - sweet fruity wine, a HUGE basket of bread (which always wins extra points in my book), arugula and avocado salad, and swordfish (the one "eh" dish of the meal).  We forgot that they bring you a dessert plate of adorably delicious little biscotti and cookies, which would have probably prevented me from ordering the scrumptious chocolate hazelnut gelato (but alas, we gobbled it all up regardless).  I still think I prefer Vice Versa for ambiance (and the best scallops ever), but it was a tasty meal. 

Since our very attentive waiter suddenly disappeared for a half hour when it was time to bring the check, we didn't end up leaving the restaurant until 7:47.  In other words, we sprinted 12 blocks and arrived at City Center panting and sweaty (props to B for doing the marathon in heels!) minutes before the show started.  

The show, of course, was AMAZING.  

Photos from Morphoses Web site

Wheeldon's "Polyphonia" was beautiful, and I was really just blown away by Emily Molnar's "Six Fold Iluminate."  Molnar's piece was very contemporary and the athleticism of the dancers was amazing - they never stood still.  The movement itself was more organic, loose, certainly not your standard zipped up ballet.  Wheeldon's new piece, "Commedia," was very good, and definitely grew on me as it progressed - but it was hard to get that excited after the explosion of Molnar's piece.  

This was also my first introduction to Drew Jacoby, who I am completely obsessed with fascinated by.  A 23 year old freelance ballet dancer and model, Jacoby has danced with a variety of contemporary ballet companies around the world.  At 5'11'', Jacoby is also a relative giantess in the ballet world (using the term "giantess" very loosely of course - she is very tall for a dancer, but she's a tiny muscular little thing, and absolutely gorgeous). Her lines and energy are incredible.  I couldn't keep my eyes off of her.  

Perhaps you've noticed that I have a bit of a girl crush?  

Really though.  If you want to see some amazing legs dancing, watch this video of Jacoby and her partner, Rubinald Pronk (also absolutely incredible).

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