October 20, 2008

Weekend Tidbits


Rutgers finally got it together and WON!  It's a Homecoming miracle.  

(Although, based on their ridiculous quarterback indecisiveness, which left poor Teel and Natale hovering on the field/sidelines wondering who in the world would be making the next play, it is quite possible that the coaches over-indulged with Kegs n' Eggs that morning.)


Thank you to BB for having us at her ADORABLE South Jersey abode this weekend, and providing all of the hostess essentials - aka Rock Band and a fire pit.  

And an even BIGGER thank you for finally curing my kitten-obsession of late.  Spending some time with a senile 18-year-old cat that randomly pees in a box in the dining room while we all eat dinner (and then again near the air mattresses) was immeasurably helpful in reminding me that I still hate animals!

AND thank you to AC for having the brilliant plan of a group breakfast outing to The Pop Shop!  I'd seen The Pop Shop when they were featured on Throwdown with Bobby Flay for their delish grilled cheese.  

J had a gloriously crispy Maple grilled cheese - with grilled chicken, cheddar, and applewood smoked bacon on sourdough.  

I stayed away from anything overly buttered and cheesed because I was still recovering from a pizza and cookie overdose.   The greek omelette was fluffy and perfect!

Feeling stuffed and content!


And because I'm obsessed with fall and feel the need to take a zillion pictures of leaves and trees, a few snapshots of my walk around the block yesterday (aka still walking off the pizza and cookie overdose).

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