October 28, 2008


Because it's snowing I can't help but dream about warm and cuddly and snow-resistant apparel.  

I am particularly considering how much I am in need of a new pair of rainboots (since my old pair is ravaged and full of heel-sinking holes that hurt my feet after too many years of good old wear and tear).  I love love love (did I say love?) Tory Burch rainboots but don't think I could justify spending $250 to stylishly splash around in puddles.  

I also want to frolic in the snow in this purty checkered coat by Hilary Radley (though not sure if I could pull it off without looking like a wannabe lumberjack).

And while I'm on this selfish materialistic online browsing binge, I might as well point out these perfect-looking Cynthia Vincent boots, which are exactly what I'm looking for, except I very much doubt they would fit, since I apparently have abnormally large calves that no boot deems itself worthy of fitting around.

And because I'm on a roll, I'm smitten with this clever BCBG dress that actually looks like a shirt/skirt combo.

And this simple, classy BCBG shirt that would be perfect for... just about anything.

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Stacey Snacks said...

I bought the Tory Burch booties last year, and they are selling them again this season.
Her shoes are most uncomfortable, but the rubber booties are decent, not great.