November 21, 2008

And This is Where I'll Babble On and On About Pretty Much Nothing

For the past week I've been lugging Hotel du Lac all over the house every time my laptop and I change locations, in the hopes that I'll finally be inspired to do a little write-up.  Well, the inspiration has not struck, but since it's Friday, and since I want to stop staring at this dreary book cover, I'm sucking it up and writing something.  

(Note - even after writing that one pathetic paragraph, I was uninspired enough to take a 20-minute blog stalking hiatus.  Just trying to convey the severity of my complete inability to think of anything stimulating to say about this book.)

But truly, it wasn't a bad book.  And maybe that's part of the problem.  It wasn't great, and it wasn't horrid, and being mediocre I don't have a whole lot to rant or rave about.  I seem to function best in extreme circumstances.  

Anyway, the book is about romance novelist Edith Hope and her time spent at the Hotel du Lac, a quiet country retreat accessible only to the most exclusive patrons.  In short, Edith "has made a fool of herself over love" (or so says the book jacket) and her friends ship her off to the hotel in the hopes that she'll morph back into the quiet, proper woman she has always been.  

Internal monologues and life-pondering ensue.  Other guests at the hotel are befriended and observed.  Flashbacks occur regarding said foolishness over love.  

There were some lovely sentiments and all (I got a bit quote-happy again), but for the most part, eh.  I kept waiting for something monumental to happen, and it didn't.  Not that kind of book.  Which is totally fine, of course.  

(Note - the book was published in 1984, but I swear it read like something from the 1800's... very proper, careful language - call me stupid, but I really couldn't figure out when the book took place, which I found bothersome...)

So, that's really all I have to say about it.  I've been racking my brain for something intelligent and witty and generally fascinating to say, but instead I just keep slinking off to read other blogs to procrastinate some more.  So, I think I'm done now.  

The book was eh.  Next?

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TexasRed said...


I'm with you -- I'd rather a book be really bad than just meh (especially if it's really bad in the mindless brain candy sort of way).

Hope your next read is better.