November 21, 2008

In Support of Marriage

Because really, you need the guarantee that there is one person out there who is one hundred percent committed to entertaining you when you are very very bored.

(And who will also claim to love your haircut, even when you think it looks very very bad...)

{Photo by digi_baz}


The City Sage said...

Unfortunately, the one person who claims to love your haircut is also the same person who can tell you that you look like a hobo and you have to believe him...cause if he's telling you that you look like a hobo, you know it must be really bad. I mean under an overpass in the dead of winter warming your hands over a trash fire bad.

Eva Lyford said...

Hi sassy, I found your blog through Chuck. I like the photo on this post, is it your work? For more like it, see and enjoy being part of Chuck's experiment.