November 23, 2008

Just When You Thought Things Couldn't Get Any Cuter...

They do.

Jared's fam decided little Boo needed a playmate.  

Enter Penny.

Now, when I first heard the news that there was a new kitty addition, I felt sad for Boo.  I thought, the poor guy is already going to have the spotlight stolen right out from under him.  I believe my direct quote was "My allegiance remains with Boo!"

And then I walked into the house.  And then I saw Penny.  

And I shoved little Boo aside and grabbed up that bundle of cuddly fluff and said, "Boo who?"

Because Penny is perhaps the cutest thing I have ever seen in my whole wide life.  

Boo was adorable.  IS adorable.  Obviously.  

But Boo is also a BOY.  And regardless of species, boys like to roughhouse.  Boys are violent.  Boys won't settle down.  Boys harass little girls who are just trying to relax and cuddle and love.

And just look at her FACE.  Look at those teeny weeny ears.  Look at that fluffy wuffy coat.  Do you know how incredibly soft her tummy is?

Little Penny is a flopper.  In fact, she tends to flop her itsy bitsy body down without much regard for where she is.  For example, she flops onto the very edge of my leg, and then slides off, does a somersault, and ends up sprawled on the couch.  And there she happily stays.  

Penny likes to sprawl.

Boo is a bit of a bully sometimes, but they seem to be warming to each other.

Poor Scarlet is outnumbered now.  And the mean humans won't let her frolic with the kitties.  But she does give them a nice tongue bath whenever those mean humans will let her within ten feet of the kitties sometimes, and they seem to very much enjoy it. 





(p.s. - I can't believe I'm becoming one of those people... those animal people...yikes)


Pace said...



*dies* (:

VioletSky said...

Two bundles of cuteness. Trying not to be overwhelmed.

Johnny Truant said...

[Resists urge to post up LOL Cats]

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend has been trying to convince me to get a cat for months. Until now I've been doing a good job of resisting.

Penny just convinced me that getting a little girl kitty may not be so bad.

Dang it. Now I have to be on allergy meds for the REST of my life.