November 20, 2008

Loud children are one thing, loud mommys are another

Apparently, Red-haired Mommy in the library feels that the Quiet rule does not apply to her, because shouting unsuccessful reprimands at her whiny children is always allowed.  

And for goodness sakes, "Mommy brought you here to get something nice!  Don't you think that Mommy deserves to get something for herself too?"  

Yes, Mommy does.  But Mommy should learn how to get something for herself QUIETLY.

And when I hear Mommy say "Now, you see, you're ticking everybody off..." what I want to say is, "Oh no no, kids are kids, but YOU, lady, are really ticking me off."


nkp said...

I'm a mommy myself, of three boys, so you can just imagine the noise we generate on an outting. And although I can sympathize with the loud mommy, you totally crack me up and make me laugh at myself as well! I really enjoyed perusing your blog!

The City Sage said...

Mommy deserves a kick in the pants.