November 18, 2008

Terrible Twos

This weekend, little Boo morphed from sweet five-week old kitty darling into nibbly hyperactive six-week old terror.  

In his current toddler phase, Boo very much enjoys gnawing and clawing at anything that moves - particularly white and red clicky pens, remote controls, and pointer fingers.  Instead of snuggling quietly into human-limb-created nooks and watching Gossip Girl like the docile feline of yesterweek, he pretends to rest quietly before attempting to claw my torso to shreds by scampering away in a fit of escaping glee.  

Boo and Scarlet also formed a special bond this weekend, which involved me and/or Jared holding onto the kitty for dear life while he submitted to a pitbull tongue bath and tried very hard to paw her eyes out.  To be honest, Boo did seem to enjoy the lickfest, perhaps longing for his missing mama cat, and Scarlet served as a very gentle (though large and potentially hungry) substitute.  

And here we get a glimpse of Boo's new favorite activity - Escape.

Ah, they do grow up so fast.

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