November 26, 2008

To Have and To Hold

I just read a very interesting article in the NY Times about a recent increase in elopements due to tightening budgets.  

I'm always torn about this - as much as I despise (I mean, despise) the gluttony of the bridezilla insanity, I can't help but think I'd end up kind of depressed getting married alone, without the friends and family who have been there throughout the development of the relationship...


Jodith said...

My husband and I spent a total of about $700 for our wedding. $300 for the officiant (she was wonderful!), $100 on paperwork/license, and the rest on the reception (lunch at a local restaurant) and $20 on ribbons woven to make the handfasting cord).

We wore clothes we already owned, got married in a local park (free) surrounded by flowers (also free), and everything on the altar were things we already owned.

You can have a very inexpensive wedding that is both beautiful and meaningful. We spent very little money (relatively) and had a beautiful wedding with our families around us.

the sassy kathy said...

jodith, how fantastic! i really love the thought of doing this - there's no reason that you have to spend tens and thousands of dollars to confirm that you and your significant other love each other. hooray!

Grant Simmons said...

Better to have friends to share the best of times, than regret it latter. Memories *are* priceless.

If money is an issue, your friends will understand, chip in or pay their own way.

It's not mandated a wedding is expensive. Gathering your friends together *anywhere* to celebrate is the goal... bar, pub, restaurant.

My *ideal* social, collaboration-enabled, web 2.0 wedding consists of a website where you invite and track attendees, where friends can contribute not only to a 'dowry' but also to the celebration itself.

Music, multimedia, $$, location. MobWed :-)

Social Weddings defined.