December 29, 2008


My sincere apologies for being a very bad remiss blogger the past few days.  

At first I was just trying to be cool like all of the other bloggers, you know, the ones that actually have real lives and are way too busy to be sitting at their computers detailing their every thought and move for the anonymous masses of the Internet.  I was trying to seem really busy during the Christmas holidays.  Which, I guess I kind of sort of was.  

But now I am in fact QUITE busy.  Can you even believe it?  I can't.  It just figures that after months of sitting around in my PJ's all day whining about my boredom I'm suddenly slam dunked with things to do.   

Today I actually had to set my alarm (gasp!) and get up at 6:45 (double gasp!) in order to drive to WORK (Gasp x 1000).  Yes, I am actually doing some work on site for a few days.  I was in an office, in real clothes and everything.  Aren't you proud?  I am.  I am proud and simultaneously remembering why I dislike full time work and offices.  Very bad bad sign after only one day.  What is wrong with me!? 

So, that is my apology.  You can expect to hear more frequent unstable rants from me post New Years.  Hope everyone's relaxing and enjoying their holidays!  (unless they suddenly have to work for a few days, while the rest of the world does NOT... ahem...)

{Photo by B Tal}


distracted by shiny objects said...

There's a reason that W-O-R-K is a four letter word.

Anonymous said...

A real job? with clothes other than sweatpants? yikes! that must have chafed!

but still, gainful employment is gainful employment. And at least it gets you out of the house and away from all those deer!

hope you had a fab chrissie!

Trina said...

say it isnt so! if you work, how can i possibly fill my day, without your mindful wanderings, oops i mean wondeerings, oops i really meant wonderings? cheer up,only 40 more years of 'it' to pass... ;-)

carma said...

Hope you wore your new coat :)