December 2, 2008


Calling all computer geniuses...

I've been getting a lot of comments about the teensy tiny size of my font.  And seeing as I am technologically inept, if anyone has any tips on fixing this problem I'd very very much appreciate it!  I've been playing around with the html of my template all morning, and it should hopefully be bigger now... maybe... possibly.  But my computer seems to insist on showing everything smaller than it actually is - and then when I see my blog on someone else's computer, it looks monstrously huge or microscopic. Eek!  

AND - I will love you forever and ever if you can tell me how to unbold my blogroll.  It has been haunting me for months.
{Photo by Riggzy}


kylesteed said...

I can help.

Find me on twitter @kylesteed

or on AIM - ksteed33

SupComTabz said...

Another thing you may want to do is enable your Feedbuern account to send Email subscriptions :)

I prefer that over a Google Reader or something like that. :)

-via Chuck's save the blog world experiment

mommyknows said...

It doesn't look all that teensy on my end.

And, I am getting the rss feed via email.

via chuck's exp.

Megan said...

It's perfect now.

One of the great things about this project is that we're all getting tips about how to make our own sites easier to use. Font size is such a small (ha!) thing, but if you're anything like me, you don't want to lose readers over anything that's not important and is easy to change.

Jodith said...

How big text will appear on someone's computer will depend on their resolution. The higher the resolution, the smaller the print will appear. So yes, it may look different on other people's computer's than yours. It's always a good idea to view your template at various resolutions to get an idea how it will look to different folks.

Also, people can change the appearance of the font if they need to. In IE and in Firefox, you can hold down the shift key and turn the mouse wheel to increas and decrease the font size on a page. Very helpful if a font is hard for you to read.

Lisa Paul said...

I can tell you about your blogroll. You CAN'T unbold it, because every entry is a link and in your particular template, all links are bolded. Don't worry about it.

To change your font, you are going to have to get into your template. Not something for the uninitiated. Grab an HTML and CSS knowing friend to help you.

the sassy kathy said...

thank you all for your suggestions/thoughts on this... i must admit, though i don't know anything about html, i have been playing around in the template and trying to fix things by a combo of trial and error and madly googling basic html/css info. but alas, i am still no expert, and may have to resort to calling in the big guns.