December 7, 2008

Listening to...

Jared introduced me to this peppy Atlanta-based band a couple of years ago (because, really, has any of my music NOT come from Jared?), and we've since gotten to see them perform in New York (fun) and in New Brunswick (really awkward).

The NB awkwardness was rooted in the fact that, seeing as it was mid-summer and Rutgers was not in session, the bar was completely and totally empty and me, Jared and a couple of friends were THE ONLY PEOPLE THERE and felt extremely sad that more people were not present to witness the goodness of their music.  The band was really sweet and came and chatted with us afterwards, and yet we somehow managed to continue the awkwardness and be super lame because they asked us approximately ten times "so, what is there to do around here?" " and "what are you guys doing tonight?" and instead of being normal and cool and saying "hey, we'll take you for a Fat Darrell" we said "uh, going home?" and we left and they waved goodbye and we have ever since regretted our complete lack of coolness.

But, yeah, you should give them a listen.  Because even if I'm not cool, they very much are. 

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JenX67 said...

That NY Song was pretty enjoyable. I need to listen to Pasadena now. Here are a couple of Oklahoma bands I really like - and