December 14, 2008

Page 123

"We sat silently that way, though there wasn't any silence at all.  On top of the typical coffee-shop sounds - the whir of an espresso machine, the click of the cash register, the bell above the door - Andrew was making his noises, an occasional snort at something he read in the paper, the jangle of his keys in his pocket, a sniffle since he was getting over a cold, a clearing of his throat.  As we sat there, all I could do was listen to those Andrew-specific noises, the rhythm of his breath, the in-out in-out, its low whistle.  Snort.  Jangle.  Sniffle.  Clear.

Hypnotized, I wanted to buy his soundtrack.

This must be what love is, I thought  Not wanting his noises to ever stop."

- The Opposite of Love, Julie Buxbaum


Lilly's Life said...

Oh my I loved that. That is indeed what love is and when you fall out of love (which I hope you dont) those noises will just get on your nerves, he he.

jenx67 said...

i've been checking out some of the blog on your roll. i really like that [frolic!} blog.