December 9, 2008

Page 150

"I had to travel precisely all around the world to find such a comfortable, agreeable niche as this.  It seems incredible almost.  How could I have forseen, in America, with all those firecrackers they put up your ass to give you pep and courage, that the ideal position for a man of my temperament was to look for orthographic mistakes?  Over there you think of nothing but becoming President of the United States some day.  Potentially every man is Presidential timber.  Here it's different.  Here every man is potentially a zero.  If you become something or somebody it is an accident, a miracle... But it's just because the chances are all against you, just because there is so little hope, that life is sweet over here.  Day by day.  No yesterdays and no tomorrows."

Tropic of Cancer, Henry Miller


Countrybelle said...

great the henry miller quotes. i love hearing what stands out to you. it's like borrowing a book filled with underlines. yet more secret world access!
i would like to know more about you and your life though...

Countrybelle said...

oops, sorry for the typo. i meant to write "great henry miller quotes"