December 20, 2008

Page 9

"Now and then, when I'd finished, I'd go to the movies.  It's always a big event for me.  Maybe I buy some popcorn and - if people are around who'll look - spill it.  I like to sit up front, I like for the screen to fill my whole view so that there is nothing to distract me from the moment.  And then I want the moment to last forever.  I can't tell you how happy it makes me to watch it up there, blown up.  I would say larger than life, but I've never understood that expression.  What is larger than life?  To sit in the front row and look up at a beautiful girl's face two stories high and have the vibrations of her voice massaging your legs is to be reminded of the size of life.  So I sit in the front row.  If I leave with a crick in my neck and a fading hard-on it was a good seat.  I'm not a dirty man.  I'm a man who wanted to be as large as life."

- The History of Love, Nicole Krauss

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cuileann said...

Oh, I love that book.