December 21, 2008



A beautiful coat.  A beautiful Marc Jacobs coat.  A beautiful Marc Jacobs coat that was 40% off.  A beautiful Marc Jacobs coat that was 40% off and therefore ended up being $70 cheaper than the J.Crew porridge coat which I finally returned because it's been almost two months and it's been sitting in the closet all lonely-like because it just isn't cozy enough for me to choose style over comfort.

But this.  THIS coat.  It is beautiful.  It is cape-like, but not a cape, and therefore actually serves the intended purpose of coats:  warmth.  And it has a wide collar that snaps up high like a turtleneck.  And it passes the arm flap test* and is STILL COZY.  

And I know that pretty much no one cares about this accomplishment.  Except perhaps Mama and Jared, because if they had to have one more half hour long discussion about coats coats coats it was likely that they would go drown themselves in a snow bank.  And that's ok.  This is MY accomplishment.  
And, truth be told, it is slightly disturbing just how excited I am by this purchase.  It's one of those times in which I feel rather guilty for experiencing such extreme glee and happiness as a result of a material purchase.  And a somewhat unnecessary material purchase at that.

BUT I suppose I could also argue that it's the thrill of the hunt.  That even with all of my unrealistic expectations and standards of perfection, I FOUND something that fulfilled all of those things.  


And though perfection currently manifests itself in the simple form of a beautiful Marc Jacobs coat that was 40% off, I'll take what I can get.

PS - I was just browsing through some old posts (oh man I have a coat problem) and LOOK WHAT I FOUND!  That gray Laundry by Design poncho is the very same Laundry cape that I tried on in Bloomingdales the other day and wrote about at the end of this post.  The one that took me about ten minutes to figure out how to put on.  Will you look at that consistency?

*The arm flap test:  relatively self-explanatory; involves flapping arms about to see whether coat feels tight and squashy and claustrophobia-inducing across back and shoulders and in armpits.  Looks ridiculous.  Incites comments like:  Kathryn, how often are you really going to walk around flapping your arms like that?  My response:  You never know.


Countrybelle said...

oh i completely understand! post a picture immediately please!!!!

Jenny said...

MY JEANS TOO MY JEANS TOO. what a lucky day for us

margalit said...

Um, photo immediately, please. Congrats!

Trina said...

congrats on a mission accomplished!

Stacey Snacks said...

Me like.
and you can fly with those flaps!
Very French!

Stephanie said...

It sounds great. Marc Jacobs 40% off is a good reason for a happy dance : )

jenx67 said...

I love the way you wrote that:

Powerful statement. HA!