December 17, 2008


So, I found this hilarious blog via A Cup of Jo the other day (of course, because she finds all of the cool stuff and does all of the cool stuff and gets paid to do cool stuff wahhhhhh). 



Seriously though.  This identity-less blogger is seriously twisted and fantastic and I love him/her very much.  

Anyone that can crack me up to that degree when my eyes are watering with exhaustion because I woke up two hours earlier than I would have liked because I had to pee (always the peeing the freaking peeing that ruins everything I HATE peeing) and when I burned my glorious magical toast and when my plans for the day got screwed up is pretty impressive in my opinion.  

This is how it started.  And now... Can't.  Stop.  Reading.  


Anonymous said...

Maybe this mystery blogger can come and live with us, and insure that "good" mood all the time!!!

Linda said...

Ok so maybe that comment made it hard to be anonymous!!!!

jenx67 said...

OMG. that blog is hysterical. why is it that the "F" words is so freakin' funny? OMG - i'm always suspicious when someone tells me something is going to be funny - I'm like, "yeah, righ. you don't know me. it takes a great deal to make me bust a seem." But, that lion post, beaver post, 'coon post. geez. i need to probably bookmark or follow this blog. thx for the introduction.

jenx67 said...

that would be seam, and yes, i was spelling bee champ.