December 18, 2008


I was browsing my embarrassingly long list of daily blog reads and saw this photo of one of Anthropologie's store windows in NYC.  

And let me tell you.  I.  Want.  That.  Outfit.  The yellow skirt and white shirt.  Want.  It.  Want.  Want.  Want.

Do you think if I say "want" enough it will magically appear on my body, without me actually shelling out a single dollar?

Right.  Didn't think so.

And because the Internet is a marvelous thing, it took me about two seconds to track down these lovely little darlings:  Hello Jacquard Tulip Skirt.  Hello Mt. Joy Blouse.  Do you want to go steady?

Oh, and while I was searching, I found this little beauty.  I like it a whole lot as well.

{Photo via Design Sponge}


Anonymous said...

If you say it a few times, it will definitely work.

But the question is, what shoes would you pair the outfit with? I can see it looking equally smashing with a very cool platform pump from YSL or a pair of vintage 1980's penny loafers.

Maybe try clicking your heels together and saying, 'there's no place like anthro, there's no place like anthro...'

distracted by shiny objects said...

Honey, I also think it works that way, especially if you say it into a telephone and recite some magical formula of numbers. Oh, Mr. Obama, lighten up--I was KIDDING:>)