January 9, 2009

2009 Resolutions

I realize I'm a few days behind, but forgive me.  In all honesty I was planning on doing something more fun to showcase these resolutions - like paint them in all different colors and take a picture.  Or type them in funky fonts.  Or anything at all.  But clearly "Be less lazy" should be included on this list, because I just couldn't hunt down the motivation to actually bring any of those projects to completion.  Alas.  Anyway, here is the boring/lazy version...

The overall theme for 2009:  Be. More. Fun.

1.  Stop waiting.  Start doing.
2. Indulge.  A hiatus from health-consciousness does a body good.
3. Less channel surfing.  More reading.
4. Banish boredom.  Make every moment count.
5. Take deep breaths.  Relax.
6. Want less.  Give more.
7. Say yes.  Things will only happen if you let them.
8. Stop nibbling.  Fingers are not a nutritious snack.
9. Step away from the computer.  Remember life before the Internet.
10. Don't think so much.  Even brains need a rest sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Love the resolutions - except the hiatus from health consciousness--when you get to be my age you can't skip too many days away from health!


p.s. being a procrastinator, I still haven't written mine but definitely on the list will be
1. Clear out the clutter
2. Reclaim the home from the mess
3. Meditate
4. exercise
5. exercise with the dog
6. play with cute kittens every day

well, you got me started.

Let's hear from some of your other blog readers for some other ideas!

ms. less is always more said...

I recently posted mine on my blog as well. Feels good to get them down, even if they are in no fancy order or anything!

Love yours! It's the small things that count... I should add yours to the list... I should add a lot to the list! But then again, maybe I should just focus on what I have instead of what everyone else has - back to the list. I think that one is called "contentment".

distracted by shiny objects said...

Oh, good, someone else feels a need to "step away from the computer." It certainly eats up the time...heard someone on NPR call blogs "crack for writers." Not in an elitist, judgemental way, but a been there/done that way.
I did the resolution list this year--on blog--but try to set the bar low as to not attract failure. Happy New Year, and extra smooches to the kittens.
PS. There could be a reality show for those fabulous kitchens...I could untidy that black and white one in 3 seconds:>)