January 4, 2009

Calendar Lust

We are now officially in 2009, and I am still calendar-less. I've already posted one or two calendars that I like, but since I'm a nutter and always need to be engaged in The Hunt for something, I have found The Perfect Coat and have now moved on to The Perfect Calendar.

Here are some of my favs so far:

I immediately love this one from Herman Yu Design because it's spiral-bound for easy flippage. Take into account the bright, simple prints and I'm sold.

This one by withwallpaper folds up neat and tidy and bursts with color. It's simple and cheery and I love the circular date bubbles.

Another spiral-bound beauty, this one from Snow & Graham, is smattered with floral, natural goodness.

Does this Magnolia Moonlight calendar not make you supremely happy? Seriously. Look at those eye-popping colors and funkily shaped date bubbles.

There is an extremely good chance that I will be purchasing this Earmark agenda. I like a small monthly planner that fits in my purse and can be snatched out and scribbled in at a moments notice. I usually buy a pretty basic one, like this, but this one is so purty and classy I may have to step out of my dull old comfort zone.

How cool is this long and lean labokoff year at a glance calendar? Love the ethereal images and the fact that there's still room to write in the date boxes.

For even more calendar goodness, head over to Poppytalk for her 2009 round up. That's where I stumbled on many of these lovelies.

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