January 23, 2009

Demon Kittens Take Over the Kitchen

This video is from a few weeks ago, and the kittens have since gotten even MORE demon-like.  Seriously.  They have all kinds of pent up energy flowing thru their crazy little paws, which translates into me and Jared chasing them around the house and trying to combat their claws. 

This is kind of long - and perhaps only fascinating to the obsessed (aka me) - but if you crank up the volume it provides a pretty good soundtrack to the bizarre birdy noises that Pippi makes all day long.  

You'll also note the end drama of this video:  I'm filming the cuteness.  Pippi attempts to make a break for it YET AGAIN by slinking past the doggie gate, which I have already (unsuccessfully) attempted to block with Jared's ginormous shoe.  You can almost see her going "Seriously?  This paltry shoe is supposed to stop me?" and she knocks it down and squeezes her little body thru the gate.  At which point you see my Ugg as it attempts to frantically climb over the gate to stop her.  Which sends the gate crashing down.  And Pippi huddling in fear.  

What this video does NOT show is Pippi taking off at the speed of light and scrambling around the living room.  And the fact that it takes me a good ten minutes of lying facedown on the floor cooing and clucking to coax her out from under chairs and instill trust in human beings again.  Good times.

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margalit said...

Pippi and Pepper could be twins. How old are the kittens now? Pepper is just about 7 months. Just had her spayed earlier this month. After her first heat. OMG, that sucked.

Why do you keep them in the kitchen? Why aren't they allowed all over the house? I've never seen cats confined like that before. Is there a vicious dog or something that will eat them?

So freaking cute.