January 25, 2009

Friday Night

Jared and I went into the city Friday night to see a great band play downtown at The Bitter End.  We had also planned on schleping out to Brooklyn for a Modern Skirts show beforehand, but ended up surrendering that plan because it seemed overly ambitious.  Honestly, it was challenging enough to find the motivation to leave Jared's house at 7 p.m.  It was so dark.  And so cold.  And we're clearly so elderly at heart.

Anyway, once we managed to tear ourselves out of pj's and away from kittens, we had a decent chunk of time before the show, and decided to attempt Serendipity - aka Dessert Mecca.  Miraculously, we only had to wait a half hour (in the past we've typically waited up to 3 hours), before we were seated and ordered (puhlease, no need for a menu, we get the same thing every time), and noshing on glorious mouthwatering chocolate heaven.
The famous Frrrozen Hot Chocolate

And YuDuFunDu (aka an excuse to eat that thick fudgey chocolate perfection with a spoon)

Glorious.  Cannot wait to go back again soon.  Perhaps we'll even expand our horizons and try something new.  Or not.  

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