January 14, 2009

The Highlight of My Day

I finally ordered some Harry & David Royal Riviera Pears.  Seriously, you do not even know how excited I am.  Jared's parents get boxes of these babies as gifts every Christmas, and I make it a point to camp out in their home and devour as many as possible.  

A pear's a pear, you might be thinking.  And if that is what you are thinking, let me just say that you are WRONG.  So wrong.  Never has anyone been so misguided.  These juicy bundles of sweetness will revolutionize your life (read:  never again will you be able to eat a pear from the grocery store again).  They are life-altering.  

They are also a bit pricey - usually $30 for 7 to 11 pears - but I swear to you it is worth every penny.  PLUS the whole reason I allowed myself to splurge on them is that they are currently very on sale, and being shipped FREE.  So, recession be damned, I will have my pears.  

(Note:  I have been whining about this potential purchase for approximately three weeks, but Daddy said "It's a recession why are you buying pricey pears!?" and Mama said "I'll get you pears from Wegmans," and so I felt very guilty about laying down somewhat excessive dollars for a piece of fruit but Mama finally begged me to buy the damn pears because she couldn't take my blubbering for another minute I finally gave in.  

And now I am so happy.  Because these pears make me deliriously happy.  And I figure I owe it to myself, unemployment and stinky economy and all, to improve the state of my mental wellbeing.  I will be awaiting your arrival with bated breath pears.  I can't wait to sink my teeth into your flesh.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I have never heard such raptures about pears! Grapes I can understand, and cherries certainly, but pears? They're such a pedestrian fruit usually. These must be some special pears indeed to inspire your ardour...

Jaya said...

You know, Chaya raves about those very same pears every time pears come up in conversation. (Which actually happens more often than one would think...)

Linda said...

FINALLY!! Thank goodness!!!Do not think that I am blind to your plan!! Whine and go on about the pears long enough and now we will all be thrilled that you ordered them and are also awaiting their arrival with bated breath!! Because then the pear eating beast will be silenced!! At least until they are gone and the cycle begins again!!!

Mills said...

They are worth EVERY penny. My aunt sends me a box every Christmas and it is one of my most anticipated gifts.