January 30, 2009

Ode to Little Mac

My computer keeps shutting itself down.  It keeps going to sleep.  Little Macbook please WAKE UP.  I need you I need you I need you.  Last night my sister's iPod died after a dedicated five years of continuous use.  Now this.  NOW THIS.  "Apple is smiting us!"  That's what she said.  I'm beginning to agree.  Mac you are not even 18 months old.  You have a long life ahead of you.  Recharge your batteries for goodness sakes.  Stop playing these games with me.  Stop being so coy.  Stop saying you are 48% charged and then just slipping into a computer coma - a technological darkness - an Apple nightmare.  Please.  Please.  They said I should tuck you in and put you to sleep so you have time to think about what you've done.  Turn you off?  I don't quite understand.  What will I do for two hours.  TWO HOURS?  Read.  Watch TV?  Eat.  (Yes, that is most likely.  The chocolate chip banana muffins are calling).  I don't quite know how to spend my time without you by my side, softly buzzing, shining up at me sweetly and offering up all of this brilliance you have stored in your genius mind.  Mac, I can't do it without you.  Wake up wake up wake up.  There is no substitute.  You can't be replaced.  Sweet dreams dear Mac, I'll be here waiting when you open your eyes...

{Photo by [Laurence] via frolic}

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please sir said...

Haha - aww you poor thing! I would be sad too. My Dell laptop still needs a battery, but I refuse to buy a $190 battery and just plug it in. Good luck - I thought Macs were suppossed to be really good?