January 28, 2009


Well, clearly I am not the only one experiencing a quarter-life crisis, and I don't quite know if that's comforting or even more worrisome.  No, I'm not alone.  However, I'd like to think at some point I'll find a job that makes me happy and I'll be in a place (physically/emotionally/blahblahblah) where I can be content.  

Whitney posted on this subject yesterday, and I was shocked by the number of people who commented all saying the same exact thing - that they're all struggling to balance their passions and creativity with paying the bills.  And I suppose I'm naive for finding this surprising in the first place.  But it's nerve wracking for a confused 23 year old to read that a graphic designer and interior designer feel that their creativity is stifled and that they're really living up to their full potential.  If THEY aren't feeling creative, then sheesh.  Is there any hope for the rest of us?

Anyway, in the comments section someone posted this personality test/career assessment and it is truly the most BIZARRE test I've ever taken.  It asks you questions but you respond by selecting a photograph.  Very interesting indeed.

(Though, I must admit I was not 100% convinced with it's accuracy - do not see myself as a detective/scientist/researcher, nor can I say I am dealing with a "fast paced life" - though I wish I was!)

Here's what it told me.  

What are your results?  Do you think it's accurate?  

I'd love to hear!


Anonymous said...

well it seems that this problem is multi-generational!! Im in the middle of a Mid-life crisis!! I took the test and it was pretty accurate!! Some of it was scary close!
Keep searching!!!

R.A. Porter said...

Not even close. Pretty much, when a test tells me I'm sensitive and lack confidence...well...Bwahhahaha!!!