January 16, 2009

Scrumptious Charms

I became obsessed with these sweet little Emma-Jane & Tan necklaces after seeing them at a photo shoot while interning at Modern Bride.  This was right in the midst of my charm hunt (a hunt that has been ongoing for approximately a decade and has yet to be fulfilled), and I thought they were the most perfect things ever.  

My mom finally convinced me a) I did NOT have anywhere close to $600 to spend on a necklace and b) I had even less of a reason to spend $600 on a necklace boasting a really sparkly dessert.

She was right (of course) and I didn't buy a yummy charm.  But I still come back to them every couple of months because they always make me smile.  And honestly, if ever there was something that belonged hanging around my neck, nothing seems more fitting than a serving of dessert.

(They also have a really cute NYC pretzel charm, and a slice of pizza!)


please sir said...

OH these are so cute, and look quite yummy too!

Linda said...

it would be way too hard to decide which charm you should get!! Cupcake, Pizza, ICE CREAM!! all so suitable!!!

Trina said...

ICE cream or an ICEd cupcake, what more can a girl want...would make an awesome wedding gift from some one special... and of course you dont need it, but diamonds are a girls best friend!

i.d. said...

This is so cute - and calorie-free (bonus)!