February 25, 2009

Daily Closet

The daily fashion posts of a couple of lovely ladies have inspired me to start doing my own little Daily Closet on flickr.

You should know that getting my picture taken (especially while standing alone in my front hallway) makes me extremely uncomfortable and I wavered about whether I should bother doing this whole daily style thing at all.  I finally caved and figured if nothing else it will be a good way to force myself to step out of my box and finally utilize all of the poor little clothing items that have been forgotten in the bottom of my closet. 

I always feel like I have nothing to wear, and yet that is clearly not the case.  My continual need to replenish my hanger supply can attest to that.  It should also be noted that at my job this past summer I went a full 2 months without ever repeating an outfit.  Clearly I DO have things to wear. And I am determined to find them. And apparently share them with strangers.

PS:  I think that third photo suddenly makes blindingly clear why people continually inquire as to whether I am in high school.

PPS:  It also makes me look like a (very young) deer in headlights.

PPPS:  I think these photos also begin to illustrate the difference between a good camera and a GOOD camera.


Amanda said...

ok, I love, love, love these. Please continue! Damn you are cute!

Stacey Snacks said...

How much is J. Crew paying these days?