February 13, 2009

Page 219

I fell asleep, and dreamed of a door opening.

Doors opening into rooms that opened onto doors that opened into rooms.  We burst through, panelled, baize, flush, glazed, steel, reinforced, safe doors, secret doors, double doors, trap doors.  The forbidden door that can only be opened with a small silver key.  THe door that is no door in Rapunzel's lonely tower.

You are the door in the rock that finally swings free when moonlight shines on it.  You are the door at the top of the stairs that only appears in dreams.  You are the door that sets the prisoner free.  You are the carved low door into the Chapel of the Grail.  You are the door at the edge of the world.  You are the door that opens onto a sea of stars.

Open me.  Wide.  Narrow.  Pass through me, and whatever lies on the other side, could not be reached except by this.  This you.  This now.  This caught moment opening into a lifetime.

Lighthousekeeping, Jeanette Winterson

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