February 10, 2009

This is How I Want to Dress

But I feel like I can never quite get there.

- To consider heels once in a while
- To start exploring inexpensive options
- Opaque tights
- Short skirts/dresses
- A more daring outlook
- A job 

Note:  She is a fashion designer.  And sews/hems a lot of her own stuff.  And a huge portion of her wardrobe is vintage.

Note:  I am not a fashion designer.  I cannot sew.  I cannot stomach the thought of preworn clothing.


{Photos via What I Wore}


Rebecca said...

Haha, it's always easier for those who are in the industry! I love that second outfit. Sometimes I have exactly the style I want and other times, I'm just too tired in the morning! ;)

Trina said...

That is a lovely look, and certainly easier when you sew etc. BUT, consider this...everytime you wear an out fit that you have just washed...it was preworn...I know, I know, by you, and only you. But preworn by someone else comes just as clean when you launder it...Just a thought.

The Lil Bee said...

I ADORE that top look from head to toe!!