March 25, 2009

The Long and Short of It

I find myself inevitably drawn to short wedding dresses. Not much of a shocker since I'm so unconventional with the rest of the wedding fuss. But I really do have trouble seeing myself in a long dress.

Some people have said you should go long simply because, really, how many opportunities in life do you have to wear a long white dress?

But I'm always swooning over tea length. With unique necklines or backs. And almost always with sleeves. (Where did that whole strapless trend come from anyway? Certainly not from any notion of being universally flattering...)

So what do you think about short vs. long wedding dresses? Any styles in particular that you're fawning over? 
Any shopping recommendations?


zaida said...

I loved shorter, i got married in a tea lengh dress, that I made myself.

ABC Dragoo said...

If I had the chance to do it over again I would wear color. Very few people look fabulous in a giant white dress - I know I would have felt better if I looked like myself.

I love the Amsale's designs - some of them at least. The sundress that the bride wore in 27 Dresses - that Amsale wedding dress is gorgeous. Casual yet clearly a wedding dress. Morgan Le Fay also has some pretty amazing wedding dresses.