March 23, 2009

Looking Back

The other day I spent a disturbingly long period of time emailing myself photos stored on my cell phone.  Around 110 of them in fact.  Apparently I take a lot of pictures.  And save a lot of pictures.  And of course, I would venture to say 90% of those photos were of food.  Surprise surprise.  

But pretty much all of them made me laugh - and though I think technology is getting a little bit out of control, and sometimes takes over our lives in a negative way, I can confidently say that I'm glad to have had 110 opportunities to snap a picture and remember some silly little moment.   I thought I'd share some here.

[Warning re. things to come:  I really like pancakes.  And eggs.  And kittens.]

This photo represents the first time my cold cruel heart cracked open and let in a small furry creature.  Senior year of college my 7 housemates and I cat sat for a friend.  Much to my surprise, I fell a tad bit in love with Gabby.  Here I had just come back from a Rutgers football game, and Gabby nestled her way into my lap.  I was crushed when I came back from class a few days later and she had returned to her rightful owner.  

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