March 24, 2009


If I were to try and concoct a perfect dress, this is exactly what it would look like. If you know where I can find this dress I will pay you ONE MILLION DOLLARS.*

*In which "dollars" can best be described as "telepathic kisses"

{Photo via Once Wed}


margalit said...

I saw a photo of the dress I HAD to have for my wedding. It wasn't a wedding dress, it was just a really unusual white dress with 5 black buttons over the shoulder holding the whole asymetrical thing together. It was in Vogue, and the only store they mentioned that carried it was in San Francisco, 3000 miles away. So I sent a friend in SF to go and find the dress and take photos and notes on it.

She did, and then I had my mother, who is a professional costumer, make the dress for me. She made it in the same handkerchief linen, with the same silk lining, aysmetrical cuts, and it was all hand sewn, and has lasted perfectly till this very day.

If you know where they sell that dress (look in the magazine for the source, and if it's not listed, call them an ask) and then enlist your readers to track it down. If it mentions the designer, track him/her down. if the dress itself is unaffordable, find yourself a seamstress and have it made. It's cheaper and will fit perfectly.

I love that dress. The strapless ones were a bit much, although I liked the pink one, but would prefer it in a blush pink, not so bright.

Flush Designs said...

Unfortunately I got that pic via and that was the only dress amongst a list of her favorite dresses that she did not know the designer. you can go check it out maybe she knows now. I think it is at least a 5-6 year old style... not sure. sorry.

the sassy kathy said...

margalit - my mom had her wedding dress made as well. definitely something to be said from starting from scratch... although of course there are always problems in herent in that approach as well! you really have to know EXACTLY what you're looking for, and be assured that it'll look good on you.

Flush Designs - thanks for the info. i'm so curious who made the dress. it's killing me!