March 13, 2009

Veils - Yay or Nay?

So. A question for the masses.

How do you feel about veils?

I find them sweet, although rather pointless, but I just don't think I could pull it off. Maybe it has something to do with my short hair, but when I conjure up an image of myself in a veil I just want to crack up laughing. And then rip it off my head and bury it under a pile of other old-fashioned religious traditions that serve minimal purpose in (my) modern society.

However, I've come to realize I'm rather smitten with birdcage veils.
I think that this sweet city hall wedding was responsible for starting my obsession. I love the vintage appeal and dash of intrigue.
Plus, sites like Etsy offer hundreds of fabulous handmade options.

I'm curious to know what you think... How do you feel about birdcage veils? Traditional veils? The importance or significance of bridal veils in general?

{Photos from Rock n Roll Bride here and here, Ben Chrisman, brendasbridalveils and myrakim}


ms. less is always more said...

I went "nay" on a veil when I got married... was to much "frill" for me... plus, you are right. They really are useless and a bit old fashioned (but then again everything old is new, right? so maybe they are "in"!?!) Any way... I wore a nice headband/head-thingy. It was classic and feminine, plus I had short hair that couldn't go into an up-do like many brides do. blah, blah, blah... I'm talking too much. But the moral is this: yes, the birdcage veil would be gorgeous! especially if you chose a simple (but oh so lovely) jcrew dress. (my two cents, or more)

the sassy kathy said...

well, that works out well b/c i am pretty much assuredly going with jcrew :) hurrah!

Stacey Snacks said...

J Crew does not equal veil.

I don't like puffy sleeves, sequins or veils.

But who cares what I think?

I wore a flowery wreath, but I was a hippy child.

Trina said...

updos = short hair style as far as overall look goes, therefore the style of veil you show seems to go well with the vintage look that inspires you. Plus your daily closet photos appear as if vintage would suit you well. Enjoy!

R.A. Porter said...

Uh...I might be the only man to opine here, and as my gender's sole representative, let me say

Birdcage veils are sexy.

Brandi said...

I totally think you could pull off a birdcage veil. Definitely don't do anything longer than just doesn't seem to be your style. Maybe check out, see if you get any sort of inspiration there? Once you get the dress, go try on a birdcage then see what you think.

BrieAnn said...

I can easily picture you in that vintage cocktail wedding dress and this birdcage veil. You do simple elegance so perfectly.

Anonymous said...

I'm a lame-o because there's no way I'd do a veil. Why? Because I can't stand things in my face. Haha.

In terms of looks, though, there are many dresses (and women) where the veils work. I think we'd all need to see the whole 'fit before giving our final two cents. ;)

trendsetter said...

Love the birdcage veils! Of course I love simple/elegant and vintage. With you short hair(which you wear so well)this style of veil would be perfect and ohhh sooo comforable!It also won't get in the way of all the eating!Congratulations to you both-and let the fun begin! See you for your next cut.

Anonymous said...

Veils are a total yay. When in your life will you get to wear one other than on your wedding day?

And yes, the birdcage veil
a) counts as a veil and does not look the least bit silly.
b) would look FABULOUS on you!

thesassykathy said...

thank you for all of your thoughts! i do love the birdcage veils... i think they're so sweet and glamorous.

however - what if your fiance is not a fan? when i mentioned a birdcage veil a certain someone scrunched his nose and voted "no veil".


so, TBD!