March 12, 2009

Why hello there

Apologies for becoming a bit of a slacker in the posting department.

Not that I imagine many people are burying their heads in their pillows and crying themselves to sleep each night because I haven't posted a white kitchen or towering built-in bookshelves or a slew of new J.Crew blouses.

But you know, just in case anyone is feeling particularly abandoned and folorn, I am sorry.

The truth is, I have been much too busy prancing around the Mecca that is Bed Bath & Beyond, fondling flatware and skillets, to possibly have time to do something as intangible and silly as blog. I mean, really. Why spend time blabbering on a blog when you can be making a list of all of the glorious items that you would like to soon reside in the (very white) kitchen of your future! Let's prioritize people.

(PS - I think I permanently traumatized Jared by sending him that BB&B suggested registry checklist. Oops.)

(PPS - Just cross out all of that formal dinnerware nonsense on that list. Who needs china and silver? Seriously. Who?)

But in all serious, I have been happily basking in the glow of the engagement buzz. (And you wouldn't believe how lovely my ring looks in the office bathroom! Who would have thought...) Jared and I are chatting about plans, figuring out the details, and I'm continually reminded about how little I care about all of the little details that are typically part of The Wedding process.

Let me share a brief list of details about which I DO NOT CARE whatsoever, and will probably ignore completely: save the dates, invitations, centerpieces, decorations, bouquets, veils, menu cards, place cards, seating charts, favors, table linens, color schemes, cake toppers ...

Oh, perhaps it would just be easier to tell you about the very limited number things I DO have some inkling of interest in:
  • THE. FOOD. - In all honesty this is the only thing I care about. I want a nice location, lovely ambience, and mind blowingly delicious food. And tons of people tell me "Oh, we didn't even get a BITE of food at our wedding!" and to that I say "Ha!" Watch me. Because come eatin' time, people better stay the heck away and let me eat in peace.

I also somewhat care about:

  • The dress (I want it to be simple and lovely, and very inexpensive, and I am 99% sure it will come from J.Crew)
  • Shoes (Comfortable and danceable and wearable after the wedding)

Oh, and the honeymoon of course.

But really, it all comes back to the food.

And with that said, I will now return to ammending the BB&B registry list and dreaming about dinnerware.


Trina said...

Go fig you are busy... a new job, a wedding to plan, and the ring shines in the bathroom - I get that. enjoy the process, and do what is important for you both. Plus saving money on the wedding froofra, might mean more for that white kitchen HAHA

Anonymous said...

the shoes-- you do have your priorities straight....I found the perfect wedding shoes--just the right shade of off white to match my vintage, borrowed wedding dress. They had a little heel- 1 1/2 inch - strappy little sandles that were very, very comfy--perfect for walking or dancing. Yes, I wore them many times after the wedding. Last I saw them they were still up in the attic.

but I have to disagree with you about it being all about the food--
I think it is all about the vows, the celebration, the people, THE MUSIC and the DANCING.
Oh, and the veil.....that's in the guestroom closet!


Anonymous said...

oh, wait-- one more thing--


Linda said...

Well I can only speak for myself, but I HAVE been burying my head in my pillow and missing your blogs!! And I live with you!!! (much to your dismay!!)
And dont worry, we have PEOPLE who will make sure you get to eat 'the food"!!!

margalit said...

Gotta disagree about the formal china. When I was 23, I would have agreed with you totally. WHO would need formal china at 23? NOBODY. But I'm 56 now (yes I am) and honey, I LOVE my formal china and use it for every holiday. Because I'm Jewish and we keep Kosher, I have dairy and meat china. And then there is the Passover china, also in dairy and meat. Yes, I do.

I only have one set, service for 18, that I got when I got married lo those many years ago. And sterling, too. The sterling is meat and can be used for passover as well as regular. The dishes are my good meat dishes. I have purchased my other sets at outlets, Marshalls, etc.

But I gotta tell you, when you get on in years, you're going to regret not having it if you plan to entertain or have holiday dinners. And I'm betting you will!