April 6, 2009


It's raining and stormy today, and I'm feeling generally uninspired in terms of finding something fabulous to post.

I would like to note that I have off for the WHOLE week. Plus Monday.  Gotta love working in a school.  (PS - definitely pursuing this educational realm for future career... just have to figure out the exact details... teacher? counselor? administration? hmmm...)  My week will be comprised of:
  • A trip to the most glorious mall for the most glorious lunch (mmm breadsticks)
  • Going to Borders to catch up on my magazine reading (vomitous bridal magazines included)
  • Perhaps visiting a few bridal salons to play with white dresses (though the likelihood of me actually buying a dress in said store is doubtful)
  • Gyming
  • Praying for weather that is as completely perfect and gorgeous as it was yesterday
  • Dragging Mama on all kinds of shopping/returning/exchanging errands
  • Hopefully finding inspiration to once again create semi-interesting, un-wedding-related posts
ADDENDUM:  And MOST importantly this week I will be spending 3 glorious days with my sweetie pie fiance.  Thursday can't come soon enough.

(PS - stopped the Daily Closet fiasco.  The choking sense of narcissism was becoming overwhelming.)

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Trina said...

enjoy your break, mall, lunches and all!