April 21, 2009


Why hello. These are my sneakers. Oh, yes. Those ARE holes in the soles. I suppose that's what happens when you go to the gym or on 2+ mile long walks every single the day of the week, FOR TWO YEARS, and fail to buy NEW sneakers. Because, you know, it's MUCH more important to buy yet another gray cardigan than sneakers with some faint memory of cushioning.

Good times.

And this is exactly the kind of situation that drives The Crazy out in full force. The scenario that sends me to Lady Footlocker FOUR DAYS IN A ROW, along with Modell's Sporting Goods, Famous Footwear, and Sports Authority, on a hunt for The Perfect Sneaker that will make every bounce of exercise a cushiony, well-supported, delight.

A million thanks to the fabulous Zumba-loving saleslady at the Short Hills Lady Footlocker for her enthusiastic embrace of my shoe mission. I made a decision in under 10 minutes. I bought 2 pairs of shoes. And Jared didn't even cry.

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Linda said...

I was so glad to have been involved in the overdue demise of these sneakers!!! they are in a better place!!