April 6, 2009

Dream Apartment

I found this Hoboken apartment last week and CANNOT. STOP. DREAMING. ABOUT. IT.

Mama and Jared are on the verge of strangling me, since, you know, I won't be moving ANYWHERE for at least a year.  Probably longer.


This apartment is orgasmically perfect.  

It in LITERALLY the best location in all of Hoboken.  

The.  Best.

It has a monstrosity of a kitchen.

It actually has an open floor plan and is NOT a teensy tiny railroad apartment that makes you feel like you are living in a train (Cue traumatic memories of year long commute on NJ Transit).

It has two bedrooms.  TWO!

And last but most certainly not least - IT HAS A DECK.  A huge huge glorious deck.  A most unbelievably fantastic deck on which I could cultivate a thriving herb and flower garden and become completely Green Thumb-esque and completely eco-friendly and produce all of my own vegetation a la Michael Pollan's brilliant advice.

And seriously.  The price is NOT that bad.  In fact, it's pretty damn GOOD.

I know.  I know.  I already tweeted about this beautiful heavenly apartment and a number of individuals twittered right back saying things along the lines of "Um... $1800/month for THAT P.O.S.?"  


I'm sorry, but that is a GOOD price for that apartment and that location.  I swear.  I swearity swear swear.

You know, it's a sad state, and this is exactly why watching House Hunters obsessively on HGTV makes me cry inside on a regular basis - because in SOME places, like Atlanta, Georgia, you can buy a brandy new craftsman style home with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths and an acre of property for like... $250k.  

You know what that will get you in New Jersey?


Maybe.  If you're lucky.  

Yep, it's a sad state people.  But it's the truth.  

This is why I look at city guides for places like Boston... and read that it is one of the most expensive places to live in the COUNTRY.... and then I go on Craigslist and search the really nice, historic, supposedly-super-pricey neighborhoods for apartments and laugh out loud because... Yep.  Still a trillion times cheaper than NYC/NJ.  Good times.  GOOOOOOOOD times.  

Disclaimer:  Real estate gets me real riled up.  Especially when related to this dream apartment.  Particularly at 10pm on a Monday evening right after I indulged for 3 hours at a gourmet food tasting and drank a bitty bit of wine.  The end.


Jessica B said...

I fell your pain. I am also a House Hunters addict and I remember one episode when a couple bought a giant house with a poor and bonus rooms and five bedrooms and a giant kitchen for like 500K and they were all like, we spent a lot, but it was worth it! And then I cried. If you don't live here then you don't understand what the prices are like, I love in New Orleans now and people don't believe me when I tell them how much housing costs back in NY. So yes, this is all a really roundabout way of telling you, it sucks and $1800/month is an awesome price for that apartment. And I'm sure that when you eventually get an apartment you will find something excellent or excellent for now. Good luck, and congrats on the engagement! I am officially delurking because I am also a crazy person about real estate.

the sassy kathy said...

Jessica, thanks for delurking! And for sympathizing with my plight. That HGTV is flat out depressing for us ladies in the NYC area. Alas.

monica said...

True, but trust me, the lower real estate price doesn't make living in Atlanta any more fun. I'd take NYC back any day - outrageous apartment prices, and all.

I've had it both ways now. And if I thought it'd work, I'd click my heels three times and go straight back to the Big Apple.