April 13, 2009

Jeremy and Kathleen

I saw this wedding last week on Smitten and am completely in love with Jeremy and Kathleen's laid back, personalized, completely unique at-home wedding.  

From the short, ruffly (70% off) BCBG dress to the sweet birdcage veil, the chalkboard wall "guest book," the sweet cupcake spread, and the paper lantern decorations, it was a complete study in we are focused on our marriage, rather than the typical looky here at our blowout wedding.

And how fabulous are these marital advisements, compiled by guests for the bridal shower?

{All photos via Jeremy and Kathleen}


Trina said...

that is so fab, fab, fabulous!!!! Will be interesting to see where you end up on this journey. Voting for more marriage focus, less looky looky. I hope you know that means I still support 'celebrating' the event - just less looky here. Best, Trina

Jeremy and Kathleen said...

Hi Sassy Kathy! Thank you for your sweet post on our wedding. We were absolutely going for a low-key celebration – with style. xo!