April 2, 2009

Sunday Brunch

Aka - my new favorite shopping droolfest.

Gorgeous dresses + witty product descriptions = Yum.

Just to prove my point:

{Lorick Lee Dress}

"A modern take on a retro shape. This dress by Lorick makes us think of many things, not least of which is having afternoon tea with a girlfriend and gossiping about the latest neighborhood scandal. Very Betty Draper of Mad Men. Not the suburban house wife type? No worries, the backless feature on this dress clearly states you are a strong woman who eats business types for breakfast. This dress was so good we had to have it in Purple Oyster and Steve’s Prairie print. Dresses have pockets and a matching belt."

{Mel en Stel Cup of Tea Ruffle Dress}

{Heidi Merrick Aunt Judy Dress}


Brandi said...

Ah, yes, I found this pretty little site a few days ago myself. The dresses are just stunning. Now if only my wallet were filled to match my expensive taste.

Anonymous said...

Ooh--that Lorrick dress is to die for. I've seen it at Barney's and the back is even prettier than the front.

I wonder if they're hiring writers? I could compose witty post about dresses all day long!