May 20, 2009


Jared and I are heading to Boston this weekend for a Red Sox game and general city frolicking.

I've never been (I know, I live under a rock) but am very excited to explore the city. I think I'm going to like it quite a lot. A historic, bustling, yet manageable city is probably a bit more my style than the behemoth that is NYC.

Any suggestions on what we should do while we're there would be much appreciated. Restaurants? Sights? Tell me tell me!

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margalit said...

Depends on what you WANT to do. Are you historic fans? There are more than enough historic sites to keep you occupied, and walking the red line is fun.

The North End is a must, with a stop at Mikes Pastry for some of the world's greatest Canollis.

Some of the best restaurants are in the South End, which is the chic chic neighborhood in the city.

Are you interested in the ocean? Taking a boat out from Rowe's Wharf to the harbor islands is fun and then you can beach it for a bit.

Do you want to see the universities you're heard so much about? Harvard Square is a lot of fun, has some decent eateries, and you can walk all through the yard to see the colleges.

MIT is up the road apiece and is not as interesting, although the architecture of it's surrounding buildings (they're numbered) is really cool. Some of them are amazing.

Do you want to walk amongst the tourists? Quincy Market (what you have pictured there) can be fun and has some expensive bars with mediocre drinks, but great people watching.

You're already doing the most fun thing in town, seeing the Sox. Make sure to get a drink in one of the many bars afterwards around Kenmore Square and drink in the Bahstun accent.

If you like ethnic restaurants, Inman Sq in Cambridge has some great Portuguese places, Davis Sq has some excellent BBQ, Central Sq (seedy) has good Indian.

Email me for more info.