May 12, 2009

New Outlook

I have been somewhat crankity crank of late.

Thank you lady hormones, you really do a number on my sanity, which is questionable at best on a normal day.

I'm feeling the effects of the "inbetween time."

I want to move to a city(ish) with more people than deer.

I want to have my own place.

I want to decorate said new place.

I want a job I actually enjoy (the honeymoon is over with the new job - surprise surprise).

I want to wed my boy.

The thing is, as my wise Mama pointed out, it is ALWAYS inbetween time. Always. This crazy life is always in transition and evolving and changing and I don't know what kind of stable perfection I'm expecting, but it doesn't exist.

In an effort to stop LOOKING for more and start LIVING more I've decided it's project time.
  • Create a gallery wall with prints prints and more prints (and some pretty photos too)
  • Buy a new desk (because mine is horrendously uncomfortable and I dread sitting there)
  • Get a new desk chair (because it's even more uncomfortable than my desk)
  • Learn how to sew (because all women should know how - don't come back at me with any femenist malarky - and no one does anymore, and I think it's a crying shame)

That's all for now.

Additional suggestions for Kathryn's New Outlook are welcome at any time.


Brandi said...

My only addition to your list is to keep doing things you love. But I think it would help to have a non-homey project on there as well - like a project to find the best bakery with an ETS-colleague??? Hmm??

As for sewing, I completely agree. I had to learn when I was at NYU -- a technical theater requirement for my BFA. And let me tell you, it helps to know how to sew a button back on when it comes off. Frankly, I think it's better to be a woman who can do everything than a woman who rejects such things -- knowing how to do things is the way to be really independent.

Anonymous said...

your mom is very wise.....
And I love the sewing idea...
It is something I always wanted to learn--but didn't.

Does this mean you are looking for another job?

Just wondering....

P>S>--tell you wise mom thank you for sending the muffins to Jared--they are keeping him alive!


jen said...

oh, no! sassy kathy - we have this image of you - always up, always alive, never bummed about anything. your mama is a wise lady. it is all inbetween time. i love that saying.

i learned to sew in high school and i am so glad i did. i'm not a great seamstress, but I can alter a flapper dress for my girl's dance recital. *and* i am very party to the feminist ideal. =0

Cate Subrosa said...

Oh lady, I am so in between, I know just how you feel. I like your plans, though. I ought to make a list like that too.

Kathryn said...

oh my. how delightful that i've fooled people into thinking i'm never bummed about anything! (i know Mama and Jared are hysterically laughing right now). and i thought i was coming across as realistically nutty on this blog... i'll have to try harder to portray reality :P

Anonymous said...

Ah lady hormones. Put in our bodies to torment us.

And I know what you mean about 'in between time', and how it's all 'in between time'. but i think you are in a particular 'in between time' with the wedding planning, waiting to move out of the rents' house, wanting to get situated in a job that satisfies you creatively. there's a lot of 'what if's' open to you now!

Projects sound like the PERFECT way to refocus your energy and take some control over your surroundings. Prints and photos? Check! Sewing? Double check! What about starting with hand embroidery? It's super easy, super satisfying, and you can totally take out your frustrations by embroidering snarky sayings to give as gifts...

October12 said...

This seems to be an inbetween time for lots of us. I'm right there with you.

Something I would suggest adding to your new outlook list, volunteer somewhere. I've started volunteering at a homeless women's shelter, it helps me keep perspective.