June 18, 2009


So. Let's just say you're at work. You're counting down the minutes until 5 o'clock.

You get a text from your sister saying HUGE SALE AT BLOOMIES. You call her up and say Are you there now? She says Yes! Omg seriously every single thing in the store is on sale! You think, well, I do work right next to the mall. Perhaps I should stop by on my way home. You tell your sister, Hey, maybe I'll come by. She says I'm on the 3rd floor. You think you'll just stop by and take a buzz around. You haven't been to the mall in a long time and hey, why not?

In reality you really just want to go home and go for a nice long walk and reunite with the sun, which has been MIA for weeks and weeks and has caused you and the rest of your New Jersey peers to completely lose their sanity. You take a shower and consume your scrumptious shrimp dinner (thanks Ma!) and maybe do some of that freelance work that's due on Friday.

Basically, you just want to get your butt home and begin to prepare for the glories of SYTYCD.

You drive to the mall. You park your car. You enter mecca. The clothes call to you and all those colors and all those fabrics and you haven't been here in so long and oh it feels so good.

And then you find it. You see it. A dress. A BCBG dress. Of course. Because are there any other dresses on this planet? No. Not really. It's just you and BCBG in a little fashion vacuum, happily cohabitating in world of smiles and sunshine.

It's not black. Nor is it black and white. Which means it would be a valuable addition to your wardrobe. It is navy blue with fluttery little sleeves and a belt - a belt! - and fulfills all of your wildest fashion fantasies.

It fits like a glove. A god damn glove. It was made for you. Mr. BCBG himself crafted this exquisite garment for you specifically. You and only you.

When you bring it to the cash register the sales woman looks at the dress. She looks at you. She actually says Oh my gosh this is just SO YOU! She swipes some coupons for you (because of course you have selected the one. the only. the sole item in the entire store that is NOT at all on sale). She saves you $60. You (mentally) kiss her kind little cheek.

You whimper and offer up your credit card.

This was not in the cards. You've been so very good. You've been a thrifty little saver. You want to buy a new desk. And re-decorate your life. You didn't even WANT to shop.

So friends. I ask:

You find a made-for-you-glove-fitting-dress. Do you keep it? No matter what?


Amanda said...

Absolutely you keep it. I will wear it vicariously thru you, so it is an even better deal...one dress for 2 people, so it actually costs 1/2 right? How's that for rationalization?

angeltreats said...

Um, YES! :D

Brandi said...

The answer is YES. I've been in this situation before -- I found the most perfect pair of blue satin mary janes heels from j.crew. I deemed them too expensive. I thought I'd try to wait for them to go on sale. But by then, they were gone. That was two years ago and I still long for those shoes. Frankly, there are some things that are too good to pass up. And when you find those things, no matter how much they cost, you're usually willing to make some small sacrifices for them. So, yes, you keep the dress and wear it often.

Anonymous said...

OK- once you get to my age--you realize that if something fits, it feels good-- it's a MIRACLE and was meant to be....enjoy the moment....


Alexandra said...

keep it, woman, for god's sake keep it! perfect fits don't come around that often!

how you liking SYTYCD?? Mary's screaming seems to be at an all time high!! But i'm loving it all none the less!